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The Center for Wholism

    The Center for Wholism opened formally to the public on December 5, 1997 as a joint effort of several dedicated individuals and the outcome of many years of dreams and perseverance. Its design is that of a quality, multi-disciplinary institute with clinical, educational and research facilities dedicated to investigating and furthering practical applications of transformational healing.

     The Center and its practitioners view the individual as a whole. Disease, illness, pain and fear are forms of disequilibrium and represent opportunities to learn and grow. Because the individual is fundamentally responsible for the condition at hand, a sense of self-empowerment is encouraged as practitioners at the Center work in partnership with clients to reestablish balance within, thus restoring a natural state of health. Healing is experienced equally by those who seek healing as clients of the Center, and by those who offer it. A true integrative approach is thus fostered by seeking balance of all the elements of the whole person--mind, body, emotions and soul; by utilizing complementing tools to enhance the healing process; and finally by all parties working in unison to reveal a broader viewpoint through interdisciplinary consultation.

    The Center's wholistic focus is dedicated to furthering and supporting healing in its myriad forms, providing areas of expertise in traditional medical care for adults, children, conscious childbirth, nutritional consultation, homeopathic therapy, acupuncture and oriental medicine and therapeutic massage/stress management/corporate wellness consultation services /medicinal herbalism and neurotransmitter & hormonal testing. Our doors are open to all who wish to participate. Community involvement is essential as a direct outgrowth of our group process.




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